Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I just signed up for a cool new news service - The News Room ...

Here's how it works -

You can put feeds on your site - entertainment, politics, science/technology, campaign-2008, sports, business, health, much more - which come from major news sources (AP, Reuters, national and local TV stations, etc.) This costs you absolutely nothing, and you get to add timely, important video and other content to your site. (I added the campaign-2008 video feed.)

And, in addition, because the news comes packaged with ads, you get to earn money - on a cost-per-thousand basis - every time someone plays the feed on your site, starting at $1 per thousand (this, by the way, is far better than what you get from other cost-per-thousand providers). And not only that, but your readers can "mash" your feed - they can easily copy it over to their own sites - and you get paid a little for every play on these other pages, too. A fine "viral" payment plan.

Here's an example of a technology news feed ...

To put this on your page, just click on the Mash button in the top right corner...

I've always thought the Web at its best is a multiple win-win situation - more information, people being paid for their services, everyone benefits in a mutally escalating "viral" spiral. The News Room looks to be continuing in that important tradition.

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