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Monday, November 16, 2015

Homeland 2.7: Tough to Watch

Homeland 2.7 was tough to watch tonight, given what happened in Paris, and how our characters on the show are struggling the stop much the same from happening, except in Germany rather than France.  Showtime wisely put up a note offering solidarity with Paris at the beginning of the episode.

But the episode was tough to watch for other reasons, or, at least, one big reason: How can Saul be so stupid?

I thought last week he was finally showing a little savvy, but he was back in his clueless mode again tonight,  confiding everything, including his new alliance with Carrie, to Allison. Based on the intellect displayed by his character in previous seasons, it's unbelievable that he would open up like that to Allison.

And she herself is not a very convincing character.   Homeland has suddenly stolen a page from The Americans, with the revelation that Allison has been a Russian sleeper agent.   But while Elizabeth's character is very well developed on The Americans, with a riveting history that gives her work in America a sharp plausibility, Allison is a character pulled out of a hat.  We've been given no reason, as yet, to understand how she got into this CIA position as a Russian agent.

I keep hoping there''ll be some revelation on Homeland this season, to make what Saul is doing and not doing make some sense.  But tonight's episode just puts him deeper in an inexplicable hole.

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