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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Heroes Reborn 1.8: Answers and Questions

Heroes Reborn is continuing in high gear, coming through with some important explanations in episode 1.8.

Claire's death was a mystery - why did she succumb to heart failure during childbirth, being possessed, as she was, of profound regenerative powers?   Turns out one of her twin babies, Nathan/Tommy, has the power to take the power from a proximate hero/evo, and so inadvertently robbed Claire of the ability she needed to reverse the heart attack's damage.   That's a pretty good if tragic twist.

And why did Nathan/Tommy, raised in the protected past by Hiro - whom he now considers his father - not know any of this in the Heroes Reborn story so far?  That answer was also good, and hiding in plain sight in front of us all along: the "penny for your thoughts" man, who has been protecting Tommy all along, took away all of Tommy's knowledge of Hiro etc to protect Tommy from himself, and his determination to go back in time to save Hiro and who knows what and who else.

But what did happen to Hiro, after that great scene in which he says goodbye to his son, and turns to face the clone attackers with just his swords and no super powers?   He's surely not dead, though we may not see him again this season.   (Molly, on the other hand, is gone, and the conversation between her and Noah, with his knowing exactly what would happen to her, was tender indeed.)

We don't have answers for lots of things yet, by any means, especially because Noah's trip to the past did indeed step on butterflies, which kicked new caterpillars into action, which will no doubt metamorph into who knows what in the weeks ahead.

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