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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fargo 2.6: Just Superb

I just want to say how outstanding this second season of Fargo has been so far - indeed, heretical though it may be to say so, better than the first season, which was excellent indeed.  But this second season is moving much faster, is more dynamic, and has less of the quirks that slowed down the first season a little.

Don't get me wrong. I love the quirks, they're essential to the Fargo story.  But somehow, in the first season, they got a little in the way of the narrative, until its last few shows.

In contrast, season 2 is just blasting along.  Last week's episode, which I didn't get a chance to review, had a priceless conversation between Ronald Reagan - beginning to run for President in 1979 - and Lou, in the bathroom.  The best part of that, in classic Fargo fashion, is what Reagan didn't say and couldn't say, when he makes some Reaganesque noise in his throat and leaves the men's room in response to Lou's questions.

Last night, Lou had a fabulous episode, defending Ed from Bear Gerhardt and navigating his escape from the sheriff's office.  The only thing we know for sure is that Lou won't die - because he's alive and well in season 1 in the future - but, otherwise, anyone can go in this story, and that's what's been happening in the past few episodes.  So the lawyer's role in saving Ed was heart-in-mouth, because he could have been blown away at any minute.

Peggy had a good night, too, and it's not clear whether she killed Dodd with the electric cattle prod - a taser for before its time - or just knocked him out cold.   Similarly, we don't know what happened in the Gerhardt house when all the shooting began, though I think there was a glimpse of Mamma in the coming attractions.   The best candidate for death in Gerhardt house would be the father, because, let's face it, he's well on his way there already.

There's nothing else like Fargo on television - nothing as wryly, darkly literate and exciting at the same time - and I can only hope this series continues for a long long time.

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