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Monday, November 9, 2015

Homeland 5.6: Saul Wises Up

Saul has been unaccountably slow on the uptake all season so far in Homeland. He finally catches up and on in episode 5.6.   This means that, at long last, Saul and Carrie will be pulling together in this story.

Quinn looks like he'll be back in action next week, too.  This means that the threesome, responsible for game-changing events in seasons past, will once again be back in business, too.

The ultimate villains are still not clear, which is good for the story.  Saul keeps saying the Russians, which is true enough, but there's something more.  The CIA woman - who slept with Saul, put the hit on Carrie, brought down the plane with the would-be new Syrian leader, and who knows what else - is clearly not working for Dar, however inimical he may be to Saul.   So who is she working for? Just the Russians?

Meanwhile, I'm glad to see what I hope is Carrie finally moving on from that medical guy.  He's nice enough, and genuinely cares for Carrie, but his earnestness is not what she needs.   He saw, on some level, the deep connection between Carrie and Quinn, and that it's more than just the professional devotion of colleagues.

In general, Homeland this year has not come up with the level of tension and power we had with Brody in the story.   The set-up of a traitor in our midst, programmed like the Manchurian Candidate, primed to seek high office and do untold damage, is hard to be beat or even equal.   ISIS, however, may provide an avenue (it's especially relevant now in our reality with the Russian plane likely being brought down by a bomb).  It will be interesting to see what role it plays in the rest of this season of Homeland, as Carrie, Quinn, and Saul do what they can not only to keep alive but get the bad guys.

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