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Monday, November 9, 2015

The Good Wife 7.6: Hillary, Trump, and Alicia

An excellent episode 7.6 of The Good Wife last night.  It's been great all season - I don't miss Will at all - and it's been especially cool in picking up the prevailing winds and managing to stay current in the 2016 campaigns for President.

I don't know when last night's episode was written or recorded, but it talked about Hillary Clinton (not surprising) and Donald Trump (a little more surprising).   What would The Good Wife do if Carson surges even more in the pools, and Trump, unhappy with being in second place, throws in the towel?

That's unlikely, I think - that Carson will surge more, and that Trump will leave if he does - but the uncertainty and excitement of real politics has given The Good Wife a real edge this season.   Peter's announcing his run for President actually makes sense in our reality.   Martin O'Mallley is at three percent in the polls, which means there's a lot of room between him and Bernie.

Alicia likes that possibility, too.  The best scene in the episode is the look in Eli's eyes when he sees Alicia standing next to Peter on that announcement stage.  Eli realizes how much Alicia is enjoying and inhabiting the moment.  Peter and Alicia on stage have been iconic heralds of where the narrative is going from the very beginning and throughout the series.    Just about every time there's a major moment in their lives, Alicia on that stage has set the agenda with her expression and nonverbal tone.

And now she's setting the agenda again.  She's contemplating what it would be like to be First Lady, and she likes it.   Apropos Hillary, Alicia knows just where that could lead - she could be announcing a run for the White House someday, too.

In a way, The Good Wife has always been another retelling of the Bill and Hillary story.   But there's still a long way to go.   Peter can't win the Presidency in an election on television, in which Hillary, who's running in real life, is also a character who's running for President.   But, until Hillary in real life actually chooses a VP running mate, that fictional path is open to Peter.

Hey, I'm hoping we'll see Hillary herself have a conversation with Peter and Alicia.   Impossible? Not at all - equivalent things have been happening on The Good Wife and throughout the history of television at least as far back as Walter Cronkite putting in an appearance on the Mary Tyler Moore show.

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