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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Heroes Reborn 1.9: The Memory Man

It seems a little odd to be reviewing Heroes Reborn and its fictional tale of people trying to destroy the world, and other people trying to save it, just a day after what happened in Paris.  But comic books have always been about providing a little escape from real life, so here goes.

The star of Heroes Reborn 1.9, for me, was Casper, the literally penny-for-your-thoughts man.  He first showed commendable judgement in deciding not to relieve Emily of her wonderful first-love thoughts of Tommy.  That act was surely Casper's finest moment.

And then he dies on the verge of disarming Joanne - a totally unsympathetic villain, even though she lost her child - because Tommy materializes with a superior power.  But this leads to Casper dead on the floor, and I'll miss him.   He by and large used his ability to wipe memories wisely, and in the case of not doing that to Emily, with great sensitivity and care.  He was - well, perhaps the best word is ... memorable.

Interestingly, in this new reality engendered by Hiro and Noah's time travel, the Haitian is still alive. So a hero with this power - I still prefer this name to "evo" - is still on the board.

Another butterfly, not brought back from the dead but changed, is Matt Parkman.  Unless he's at work for the good in some way we don't know, he's clearly on the dark side in this episode.

Tommy's stopping time was also cool to see, and his moving of Luke's hand so that his bullet doesn't kill Joanne shows that Tommy is definitely on the side of the angels in this reality, as he was in previous.  That act certainly was something his grandfather Noah would likely not have done.

Seeing the damage Joanne has done - the innocent lives she's taken - I can't say I would have done what Tommy did at that moment.  On the other hand, I don't believe in capital punishment.

But on yet another hand - well, like I said, it's the day after Paris, and it's hard for me to feel any charity for killers, even in a comic book on television.

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