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Monday, November 16, 2015

The Affair 2.7: Stunner!

Well, episode 2.7 of The Affair, on earlier this evening, was excellent in many ways.  But the very ending was a shocker that almost changes everything.

Alison's baby, along with Noah's book, has been one of the two prime radiants of this second season. At first, we thought the baby was Noah's.  Then, when Alison spent the night in bed in Montauk with a loving Cole, this put Cole in position to be the possible father.  And now, in the last minute of Cole's episode, we find-

The baby is Scotty's?  Well, that's what he apparently says in the video, and Oscar says he overheard. But when was the baby conceived?  Did Alison go out to Montauk a second time, or somehow find the time to sleep with him as well on the night she was Cole?  Or perhaps before she connected with Cole, or maybe after?

And ... how would Scotty know the baby is his?  Could DNA show conclusively that the baby was his not Cole's?  I'm not sure how this would work for brothers - but, even so, how could Scotty have gotten the baby's DNA?  Did Alison give it to him?

This revelation, if true, blows the story wide open.  But, interestingly, Noah, who already had a motive to kill Scotty for impregnating his daughter, now has a better motive.  And Cole, who had reasons to hate Scotty, now has a better reason.   (That's why I said "almost changes everything".) The only major character who previously didn't have a major reason to kill Scotty, but now does, is Alison.   Could she be the killer?

Meanwhile, back in present time, kudos to the writers for once again capturing perfectly what authors go through with their publishers - this time, grabbing the bio for Noah from his first book, and sticking it on his red hot novel, saying that Noah is married with kids and living in Brooklyn, much to Alison's embarrassment.  These kinds of mistakes happen with publishers all the time - and are one of the appeals of controlling the publishing yourself on Amazon Kindle.

But I digress.  Alison's baby is Scotty's?  If that holds, we've been delivered one amazing twist.   One thing I'm still not clear about, though, is whose perspective we see in the flashforwards? Noah's book clearly is his perspective - what we've seen in his narration - in contrast to what we see in Alison's narration, as their conversation about the novel beautifully portrays in tonight's episode.  But Scotty's death, and indeed Alison's baby and most of what we've seen this season, maybe everything, happen after the novel.  Which means all bets are off about whose perspective this is - and this makes the twist even harder to fathom, a bolt indeed from the wild blue.

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