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Monday, November 2, 2015

The Affair 2.5: Golden Cole

Cole continues in his segment in The Affair 2.5 to be by far the most considerate, decent, humane character in the story.

Cole is nothing but the soul of loving and supportive of Alison when he finds her asleep in his bed at the end of the segment.   He's more than willing to talk to her, hug her, sleep with her - figuratively and literally - despite her walking out on him.  This makes sense - after all, the segment is from his perspective - even though Helen in her perspective last week was in some ways worse than she has appeared in Noah's narrative.

Alison, as a matter of fact, didn't come across in her segment as good and appealing as Cole did in his.   Why is she so upset about how Noah wrote about her in his novel?  Surely it's no surprise to her that Noah finds her the embodiment of irresistible sex?   Sure, I know that most women want to be more than that - but Noah didn't write in his novel that Alison was only that.  I guess chalk up my not completely getting why Alison was so upset to my not completely understanding women.

I do get completely why Yvonne is so angry at Alison, and fires her, and that no doubt contributed to Alison's extreme reaction to what she skim-read in the novel.  The last thing Yvonne wants is a sex-bomb in her home and office, and especially one that Robert quite pointedly has the hots for.  One missing component of this story: will Yvonne ask Noah and Alison to leave altogether?   This is certainly a logical other shoe to drop.

Meanwhile, the Cole story continues making a good case for him as his brother Scott's killer.  So, who did it, Cole or Noah?   Likely someone else, and we certainly can't take Alison - and, for that matter, Scott's bed partner and almost Cole's - out of the mix.

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