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Monday, November 3, 2014

Homeland 4.6: The Biggest Reveal

Some shockers in Homeland 4.6 tonight, but in many ways the biggest - the one with most far-reaching significance for our story - is the realization that the brunette Pakistani operative, whom I think of as Carrie's counterpart, is really working not for Pakistani intelligence but the terrorist Haqqani that Carrie wants to kill.  Or, maybe she is working for Pakistani intelligence, but she's also working for the terrorist.

And, this, in turn, means that the professor being blackmailed by the brunette is also, unknowingly, working for Haqqani, too.   Aayan's Uncle killing Aayan, though brutal and horrifying, is just the tip of this destructive iceberg.

Carrie was presumably so furious at Haqqani shooting his nephew in the head that she was willing to take out Saul along with Haqqani - that's, at least, what Quinn probably thinks, and maybe what we're supposed to think, too.   But I think Carrie is better than that, and, though she hated to see her handiwork ruined like that, was focused as she was saying on ridding the world of Haqqani, whatever it took, including killing Saul.  After all, she was ready to take out Aayan along with Haqqani, so Haqqani's killing Aayan could not have rattled her all that much.

I think Saul, had he been in Carrie's situation, would have ordered the hit.  In fact, if I recall correctly, didn't he do something like that last season, when he ordered Quinn to stop Carrie, and only Quinn's superb aim prevented Carrie from being killed?  Well, maybe Saul was banking on that, but he certainly was willing to put Carrie's life in imminent mortal danger.

Of course, television being what it is, there was no way that Saul could have been killed tonight. Mandy Patinkin is too important an actor to leave yet another hit series, especially without warning, so you had to have the guy with his finger on drone trigger listening to Quinn and not Carrie.  But the last few minutes of this excellent episode put almost everything up in the harrowing air, and continued to mark this season of Homeland as one of its best.

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