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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Homeland 7.1: The Worse Threat

Homeland was back in business with the debut episode of season 7 tonight, and a story that aptly captures our real predicament these days in a warped, Bizarro-world kind of way.

The gist of the set-up, which we saw fall into place at the end of last season, is this:  The worse threat to our democracy, as Carrie tells an ally she fails (so far) to secure, is no longer terrorism but the fascist in the White House.  This rings true enough to our world with Trump in the White House - except the occupant in Homeland is a woman, Elizabeth Keane, a martinetish version of Hillary Clinton, who became paranoid last season after an attempt on her life.

The switch is more than just of gender.  Everything else around and about the President is turned around.  O'Keefe, a libertarian nut-job most reminiscent of Alex Jones in our reality, is alas not so far off when he raves about Keane as the Hitler in the White House (one only wishes the real Jones would rant the same about Trump).  And, indeed, the President is hunting him down, just as O'Keefe fears.

I expected that General McClendon would be killed - the President cannot abide even the life sentence that he was given - but the big question is who gave the order.  Was it the President herself, or her Chief of Staff, the guy who tried to get Saul on the President's team.

That didn't happen to tonight - Saul's price (freedom for all the illegally jailed people) was too high, but the coming attractions show that something will convince him to take the job.   Will he once again be at odds with his star pupil, who has been more incisive than Saul for a while now?  I hope not - Carrie and Saul are always at their best when they're working together, totally on the same side.

Good for Homeland for telling us a story this season of a budding Mussolini in the White House, even if she's not the same gender as Nixon or Trump.

And I'll be back here next week with more.

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