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Monday, March 26, 2018

Timeless 2.3: Orson, Hedy, and Lucy

A thoroughly satisfying Timeless 2.3 tonight, which featured, among other good things: Orson Welles (or, at least Citizen Kane), Hedy Lamarr, Lucy singing "You Made Me Love You," Lucy and Wyatt finally together, Flynn out of prison via an inter-temporal gambit, and a surprise ending I won't mention until the end in case you don't like spoilers (which, by the way, were mentioned, literally, in this fine episode - as was, come to think it, "fake news," too).

Now Lucy and Wyatt finally in bed together is something that's almost happened a bunch of times already, so that was no big surprise.  But it was nice to see, anyway.  And the same for Flynn out of prison, but it happening via time travel - or, at least, the means of his escape - was a nice touch, too.

But Lucy singing and therein declaring her love to Wyatt was unexpected and great.  Kudos to Abigail Spencer for singing the part, and don't tell me it wasn't really her singing, I won't believe you.  And Orson Welles, even though we didn't actually see him, is a worthy subject of any tine travel story (I thought this so much that I made him the central character of the third novelette in my Ian's Ions and Eons series.)

And now to the ending:  after Wyatt and Lucy make tender love which left both happy and even more in love, what does Timeless do?  It somehow allows Wyatt to find his lost - as in deceased - love.  Very much alive.  Poor Lucy!

But, hey, this makes for a good story.  And we also have some significant developments with Jiya, which I didn't mention in the first paragraph because I wasn't sure what they meant.  A doctor tells her off-camera that she's in fine condition - in better condition, even, then before she started having the visions of the future and passing out, because she had a heart murmur before then which is now gone.  But is Jiya telling the truth?  I think so.  Was her doctor telling her the truth (and who was he or her)?  Impossible to say, because we didn't see this doctor.

So ... though Timeless made some great progress with Lucy and Wyatt, the future is by no means bright for them, and Jiya is more unknown in her future than ever.  I'll be back after the next episode to tell you what I think about where this series - now undeniably much better than in its first season - goes with all of this.

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