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Monday, March 26, 2018

The Crossing: Lost Again but OK

I somehow caught the pilot of The Crossing - a new time-travel series starting in April on ABC - on Hulu, and I came back to file this little report.

Here's what's good about this - The Crossing has echoes of Lost and Flashforward, both on ABC, you will recall.  There's a guy who doesn't look like Sawyer but he has something of Sawyers demeanor, especially when he first comes into view sitting not that far from a beach under an umbrella.  And while we're at it, there's even a main character who reminds me a little of Kate.

As to the story, it's about a group of people who wash up on shore in the northwest, many but not all dead.  The ones who are living say they're from the future.  And the Sawyer-like guy says that people from their future have previously come to our time and earlier.   Before the hour is over, we get to meet one of them, an FBI guy.  (Why didn't Trump fire him?)

And it turns out that some of the folks from the future are genetically enhanced or advanced and have super-strength and who knows what else.

But if this sounds a little trite - because it is - this first hour was nonetheless well-played with a couple of good surprises and a somewhat interesting, idiosyncratic set of characters - especially Steve Zahn as the sheriff (I last saw him on Treme, where he was also memorable).  So that, along with the fact that I'm always willing to give a time travel story a chance means that I'll definitely try the next few episodes ... and, if I had to bet, I'd say I'll stick with it.

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