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Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Affair 4.4: Ben

I thought the most interesting - and provocative - character in The Affair 4.4 tonight was Ben, who appears in both Alison and Cole's segments, and is more than just a passing character in Cole's.  That in itself would be noteworthy, but the specific nature of Ben's double appearance makes his dual role especially significant.   (I'm tempted to put in a link to Michael Jackson's "Ben" here...)

For Alison, he's nothing but a wonderful, attractive, irresistible guy.  He gets her to reveal things about herself which, as she tells him, she never told Cole or Noah.  With someone this caring and easy to fall in love with, it's no surprise that that's exactly what effect he's having on Alison.

But in Cole's segment, he's revealed as someone who committed a serious lie of omission to Alison: Ben is married with two kids.  He tells Cole that he and his wife are apart, but who knows if we can believe him.  Apparently Cole does - but he's on his way to California to clear his ahead about his life and how to be a better husband to Luisa.

When you combine all of this with the continuing Alison-is-missing flash-forwards at the beginning, Ben has now become a prime suspect in Alison's disappearance, including he did something bad to her (which I doubt, but it's now a possibility).  And Ben's wife can also be added to the people who might want to see Alison gone.

With this now suspicious character of Ben, the fourth season of The Affair is on the way to becoming a good successor to the who-killed-Scotty story which propelled the previous seasons.  Maybe even better - more harrowing - since Alison is a vastly more important character than Scotty ever was.

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