Monday, August 23, 2021

2067: What's Good and Not

I finally got around to watching 2067 on Hulu, an Australian movie released back in October 2020.  Hey, it's a time travel movie, which I always think entitles reviewers to take their time to review.

And I liked the time travel part of this post-apocalyptic narrative.  The various twists and turns in time, in which the protagonist sees himself dead but nonetheless manages not to get killed, are very well tied up and explained in the end.  On that time travel account, I'd rate 2067 (written and directed by Seth Larney) pretty high,

Not so high on the post-apocalyptic part, though.  Our planet being ruined by an unhinged climate is the story of so many movies these days, that it has to be done with some kind of notable originality to be above the fold.  2067 was obvious and predictable on this account, although the vista at the very end was striking.

Similarly, the characters and their story was somewhat worn.  What fathers intend for sons, the perfidy of government officials, we've seen all of that way too often, as well.  I will say, though, that  Kodi Smit-McPhee as protagonist Ethan Whyte was good and even memorable in an odd but compelling way.

So, if time travel is your thing, as it is for me as a viewer, reader, and author, see 2067. It's a worthy, original entry in the genre.   If not, well, you might get more watching the Weather Channel.


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