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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Raised by Wolves 2.5: Science Fiction and Horror

A jam-packed episode 2.5 of Raised by Wolves on HBO Max, with enough profound and provocative gambits to comprise half a season or more.

Here are my favorites, in no particular order, because they all are excellent:

[Spoilers of course follow ... ]

  • The face on the Frankenstein-like, Mother-like android that Father has brought back to life.  It's behind a veil.  He's interrupted before he gets a chance to see it.  And the kids don't quite get a chance to see it, either.  This means that its identity must be pretty important.
  • The leeches that save Paul.  They comes to Sue in vision.  Later, she gets more words from a formless voice.  The words of Sol?  That's what Paul thinks.  Sue doesn't know or care, as long they help her and Paul and those she cares about survive.  
  • Vrille coming back to life.  Actually, she was never dead.  I said last week that I'd miss her character.  Well, she certainly made a provocative reappearance, killing everyone in Marcus' group except Marcus and Holly.  
  • Marcus being brought back to town, formerly under the Trust's control, now under Mother's, has plenty of possibilities.  His seeing Sue again will be fun to see.
  • That creepy being that we first see coming out of the acid sea, and later another as an old monster coming back to life, underlines along with Vrille's new face that Raised by Wolves is as much a horror as a science fiction tale.  Works for me,
It looks like there will only be six episodes to this second season -- though you never know with Wikipedia or IMDb listings of episodes in seasons, which sometimes can be incomplete.  There's a lot left to be resolved or even explained a little in the fascinating stories this season.  I'll be back here next week with my thoughts on the sixth and perhaps final episode of this second season.

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