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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Quantum Leap (2022) 1.1: Off to a Good Start

The new Quantum Leap sequel debuted on NBC tonight.  I was prepared not to like it, though recently, I've very much enjoyed the sequel of The Man Who Fell to Earth on Showtime, and, for that matter, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds on Paramount Plus.  And turns out I did enjoy this first episode of the new Quantum Leap, for all kinds of reasons, which I'll tell you about after I warn you about spoilers ahead...

[In case you missed that: Spoilers ahead ...]

First, I very much like the way this new Quantum Leap handled its connection to the original Quantum Leap, on NBC  from 1989 through 1993.  We learn that Sam, the original leaper, never returned from his last mission.  This leaves open the possibility that he could return in some way before this rebooted series concludes.  I predict that we'll see Sam again, older and played by Scott Bakula, in the final episode of this season (even though Scott Bakula himself says we won't see Sam again).  We also learn that Al, played by Dean Stockwell, passed away last year -- a nice homage to Dean Stockwell, who also left us last year, and who also received a nice dedication at the end of this episode.  Also worth mentioning is that Al's daughter is wearing his ring, which means she'll no doubt play a role in the new series.

Next, I think Raymond Lee's Dr. Ben Song is a good time traveler, offering an effective balance of physicist smarts, wisecracking, and even willing to throw a punch, which of course hurts his hand.  Likewise his fiance, Kaitlin Bassett's Addison, whose hologram more or less accompanies Ben on his jaunts.  That job was done by Al in the original series, who was pretty much the only other major character in the original.  The 2022 series has expanded the team, and that looks like it'll work well, too.

Of course, everything in Quantum Leap depends on where in the past the time traveler lands -- in whose body the traveler finds himself -- and what the traveler needs to do.  In the original series,  the best episode was the double episode in the final Season Five, in which Sam leaps into the body of Lee Harvey Oswald.  I'm hoping we get a least one such cosmically important story in the new season.  In the meantime, I'll look forward to all the twists and turns this unique kind of time travel can bring us in the new series.

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