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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Black Snow: Sinister Histories

I consider Travis Fimmel a must-see actor.  His unique, edgy style lit up his starring roles in Vikings and Raised by Wolves (canceled much too soon by HBO, in my arrogant opinion).  So I would have watched Black Snow, an Australian cold-case crime drama, for that reason alone, but the series pays off not only with Fimmel but all kinds of other good reasons.

Fimmel in Black Snow plays police detective Cormack, who is drawn to investigate the murder of Isabel Baker, 17, back in 1994, because the murder took place the same day that Cormack's brother went missing.

[Spoiler's ahead ... ]  

By the time the series of six episodes ends (or the first season of the series), it looks like there is no connection between Isabel and Cormack's brother.  But there's at least another season of storytelling in Cormack searching for his brother, and I'd be happy to see it.  And the first season establishes Cormack as a not only intelligently edgy and driven character (Fimmel's specialty), but also someone with a possible romantic relationship with Isabel's younger sister Hazel, who by 2019 (the date of the present in the series) is a totally suitable age for Comack.  And the two do have a chemistry.

Black Snow has all kinds of suspects with all kinds of real and imagined motives, but on the chance that you haven't seen it, I won't reveal the killer to you.  I can tell you that in addition to Fimmel's convincing acting, the rest of the cast is good, too.  Talijah Blackman-Corowa has a thousand-watt smile that makes you regret Isabel's murder even more, and Jemmason Power delivers the range of emotions needed for Isabel's sister who has grown up a lot since Isabel was murdered.

As I mentioned above, there's plenty of room for a second season, and my wife and I will be watching it as soon as it's up on Acorn via Amazon Prime Video.

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