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Monday, August 8, 2011

Falling Skies Concludes First Season

Falling Skies finished its first season last night - and took off with what promises to be a very new, unexpected wing of adventure next summer.

As I wrote here earlier, I always like to see a series grow as we watch it, with changes subtle and major throughout the season.  Falling Skies has been doing this, but took the changes to new levels in its Season One double-episode finale.

Gone is JFK High School, headquarters of our brave fighters and survivors.   The aliens were given its location by Rick, who, fortunately, now sees that the aliens don't want him back.

And gone also is Tom - not killed, not even taken captive, but leaving voluntarily with a humanoid alien, who communicates to Tom via Karen that Ben could still be transformed into an alien, and the only way Tom can stop that is if he goes with the aliens, who want to learn more about our species from Tom - in particular, how and why we have mounted such an effective resistance (including Tom shooting down an alien plane!).

One weakness in this dramatic plot turn is that Tom, having seen that Nick was deemed unsuitable for alien re-integration, might have realized that Ben would similarly be unfit - that is, that the aliens were bluffing about Ben.   But, on the other hand, we can understand why Tom would not want to take any chances, and his going off with the aliens makes for great possible story lines next year.

We also get a good goodbye kiss for Tom and Anne.   Meanwhile, Weaver, Pope, Hal, and all the other major characters are in good form.   And I'll see you here next year with reviews of the next season.

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