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Monday, August 1, 2011

Falling Skies 1.8: Weaver's Story

Another fine Falling Skies last night - episode 1.8 - in which we finally a learn a crucial bit more about Captain Weaver (Will Patton), whose life prior to the alien attack has pretty much been a cipher until now.   The scoop is Weaver had a wife and two children, and he finds something in his wife's home (the two had been divorced) - her eyeglasses - which gives him hope that she and one of his children may still be alive somewhere.

His other child died after Weaver tried to remove a harness, which brings us back to one of the main continuing stories.  All of the harnessed children rescued by Hal and Tom, and operated on by Anne,  have healed, with the exception of two.  Ben is ok mentally, but he has much more than natural strength, and the harness connections on his back are still out there.  Rick is not ok mentally, and his continuing insistence that he's part of the aliens shows that Ben may not be quite out of the woods on  this yet, either.

Meanwhile, we have two new discoveries: a humanoid alien form, which/who seems to be superior to the skitters; and Anne's finding that the skitters themselves seem to be harnessed (except they carry the harness on the inside, which makes sense, since their shell or bone structure is external and their flesh internal).   The two taken together could be momentous: are the skitters and we humans both victims of the humanoid aliens?

One indisputably good discovery comes from Pope, the Sawyer-like (Lost) character in Falling Skies.  After delivering a nice, funny line about NPR as a weapon that could bore the aliens to death, Pope - with Matt's help - realizes that bullets fashioned from Mech metal can cut right through them, like a hot knife through butter.  At last, a real weapon for our side.

But in some ways, Weaver's story is the most significant: he was on the verge of throwing in the towel before he discovered his wife's eyeglasses.  This shows how fragile even the toughest of us humans are in this insane environment of near alien conquest of Earth.   Which is, alas, a quite realistic portrait of where we'd be if such an invasion occurred.

Season One two-hour finale next week!

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