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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Falling Skies 2.6: Ben's True Motives

An excellent Falling Skies 2.6 tonight, in which Captain Weaver nearly dies, but is saved by Anne's persistence and Lourdes' medical insight (yes), but the deeper story resides in the return of Karen.

She's found all but dead in the woods - with other humans, formerly harnessed, who are dead - and the responses are predictable:   Hal is thrilled and in touch with the love he and Karen shared, Maggie is suspicious, Tom is mostly suspicious, too.

Ben at first is also suspicious - extremely so - but seems to be taken in by Karen as the episode develops.  In the end, he and Karen escape - so they can both be "safe".

Has Ben been really been taken in?  Or, is it possible that Karen isn't really being directed by the aliens?  I'd say neither.

First, it's clear, as the resurfaced Pope indicates at the end, that Karen has been sent on a mission to recapture or at leas neutralize Ben.   (I thought this as soon as I saw the way Ben and Karen first interacted.)

But I think Ben is more in control than that.  The strategy he's pursuing is to let Karen think she has him in her sway, and use that to get her as far away from  our people as possible.  At that point, he'll kill her.  (She wouldn't allow him to kill her on the base - her guard would be up.)

Or at least, that's his intention.  The thing about these aliens, and what makes Falling Skies so good, is that the alien powers, even over Ben, are never clearly defined ...

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