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Monday, July 30, 2012

Breaking Bad 5.3: Deal with the Devil

The show, after all, is called Breaking Bad.  Which means just about new venture goes very badly, much worse than expected, at first and throughout most of the season.   Walt did his best to entice Mike into Walt and Jesse's new business.  Mike said no.  But with Gus's people vulnerable to DEA pressure, and Mike standing to lose big if they break, he decides to go in with Walt and Jesse, to get money sufficient to pay off his people.  Good news for Walt?

Not exactly.  Mike was in many always more dangerous than Gus - perhaps not as brilliant strategically, but not as subject to emotional rampages which could come back to hurt him.  Mike's view of what his business expenses entail - big payment to all of Gus's now Mike's people to make them "whole" i.e., keep them quiet - of course makes Walt unhappy, and puts the two on a collision course which promises to be at least as explosive as Gus and Walt's.   Jesse tries to make a little peace, and we all know that this won't last long.

Meanwhile, my favorite part of Breaking Bad 5.3 is the new lab that Walt decides upon - not a single lab, but multiple, rolling labs, in which homes scheduled for exterminator treatment get commandeered for blue meth production.  It's a brilliant idea.  The home owners have to leave their home for a few days.  The home is draped, so no one can see what's going on.  The extermination will leave a bit of a strange smell anyway.  So what better place to do a little cooking?

We had a new roof put on our home a few months ago.   We didn't have to leave, but might have, given the noise.  The house was mostly draped.   I didn't see anyone who looked like Walt and Jesse walking around, but was that smell really from the fertilizer my neighbor was putting in?

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