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Monday, July 16, 2012

Breaking Bad Season 5 Premiere: Riveting Entropy

Breaking Bad, one of the best and most unique series ever to be on television, was back with Season 5 on AMC last night - as good as ever, or superb indeed.

This one begins with a glimpse of the future, and Walter with a head of hair and a life-and-death mission as per usual.  But this one had a special edge to it, likely because of the way Walter looked.

Meanwhile, back to a minute after Season 4 ended - another Breaking Bad technique - Walter's joy at engineering the indestructible Gus's complete death is short lived.  There's always an overlooked detail - another staple of the series - and this time it's a video cam that may have recorded more than Walter wants the police to see about how Gus came to die.

The solution is suggested by Jesse - a magnetic attack on the police evidence locker - and Mike (pretty much recovered) is pulled into this, since the vid on the hard disk of a laptop in the evidence room could well implicate him, too.  An unlikely but necessary alliance at this point.

And, as also always seems to happen on Breaking Bad, even the resolution of this problem with a successful magnetic attack engenders another problem - this time, something written down the good old fashioned way on the back of a picture frame or whatever which is damaged in the magnetic attack so the writing is now visible.

But if Breaking Bad is so predictable, why is it so excellent?  There's a fundamental principle in the universe - entropy - which says that whenever you try to eliminate noise or distortion or error or breakdown, the remedy will inevitably introduce a new noise of its own.  Breaking Bad is great because it embodies this unstoppable reality better than any other narrative I've seen.

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