Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year Emon Hassan

Who's Emon Hassan - well, if you Google him, you'll find out he's a very talented photographer, videographer, filmmaker, and lots of those kind of good things.  I've benefited greatly and directly from his work.  He took the black-and-white photo of my smiling face that you'll see on my Twitter, Facebook, and like accounts.  He - along with Amanda Lyn Costa - made the Behind the Plot to Save Socrates "book doc" - see below.

And, earlier this New Year's Eve, my wife Tina and I happened, for totally coincidental reasons, to show up right in front of Emon's apartment building in Manhattan (no, we're not going to tell you where).  Just like that, totally out of the blue, right out there on the street.  We had an excellent conversation.

Emon enjoyed it, too.  He's just tweeted about it.

And I was so impressed I got an idea (always a dangerous thing in my case).  Why not make this a yearly occurrence.   From now on, every New Year's Eve, Tina and I are going to show up, unannounced, in front of some worthy person's building.  I have no idea who.  It won't be deliberate.  I'm just going to try to will the universe to make it happen.   And then I'll post about it here.

Happy New Year everyone!

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