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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bones 8.9: I Am A Camera

Bones rounded out its 2012 offerings with an episode - 8.9 - that was most memorable in its technique. It had heart aplenty, too, but that's something that's always been a part of Bones, and we've been getting more and more of this unique season.

The technique is known by various names, most commonly as P. O. V. Cam,  but I like to think of it as "I am a camera" - also the name of a play, a movie, and a song.   A "Murderer P. O. V." can be effectively frightening, if every scene we see is through the eyes of a murderer stalking victims.  Since we don't actually see the face of the murderer, we get a pure dose of the intent to murder, as the victim is stalked.   Bones 8.9 turns this around, by giving us an almost complete episode with a "Victim P. O. V."  Since this is Bones, the victim is dead.  And we see all of our characters from his perspective - a 14-year old boy, with a love for a girl and talent for song.

The technique works beautifully, giving us a standout, standalone episode.  The plot itself is not the thing - it's seeing all of our characters, Bones and Booth and the whole gang, from the equidistant perspective of the victim's perception.   Further, since all that physically exists of the victim is a skull and bones, there's not much to really see of him, which allows his consciousness and perception of the other characters free reign on the screen.

Cyndi Lauper has nifty guest role, as a psychic in touch with the nearly departed victim.  More than wanting the circumstances of his demise to be known, the victim wants to profess his love and profess it through a song that he wrote.  Cyndi is thus especially appropriate as the guest star.

And her spirit animates the ending with Bones, Booth, and Christine at home.   With the case solved, and the victim able to move on, we see our leading family back in regular filmic perspective and in fine dancing form.   Not only do girls just wanna have fun, but Booth does too, and our grooving trio provides a farewell to 2012 and invitation to more good times to come in 2013.

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