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Monday, December 2, 2013

Homeland 3.10: Someone Has to Die

Another powerful, action-packed episode of Homeland last night - 3.10 - which has really hit its stride, as well it needed to finally do, with only two further episodes left this season.

The mission with Brody trying to infiltrate Iran was outstanding in all kinds of ways, including who dies at the end of the episode, and Brody's interaction with the team, which includes some first-class military repartee between Brody and various personnel.

The scene back home in the U.S. was good too, with Saul standing up to pressures to forsake the team when things start turning bad.  I'm still not getting or liking why he's set to leave when all of this is resolved - that is, his plan in Iran plays out, one hopes for the better - but there's still time for all of that to be worked out in the next two episodes.  I was heartened to hear Quinn's explanation for why he shot Carrie - better him, a more reliable shot as far as doing Carrie the least damage, which Carrie partly accepts, as indeed she should (that is, only partly - because Quinn should have put up more resistance).

But the big looming question is who will die in the last two episodes of this season.  I'm thinking someone has to, and the most likely is Brody.   There would be a poetry in his death on this mission, and it would set the show loose to pursue other issues and dangers next year.  It would leave Carrie grieving, but perhaps not inconsolably - especially if she's not carrying his baby.

She says she's not to Quinn, but can we believe her?  We saw her with another guy earlier this season, which could have been shown to us to let us know that she has not been celibate since Brody left the US.  But would she sleep with someone else so close after Brody's departure?  I'd say not likely, but you never know.

Carrie herself could die - given that we see her in Iran in the coming attractions - but her death would take the heart of  Homeland.   The show could survive Saul's death a little better, buy Mandy Patinkin has told the world how much he loves the part of Saul - a feint to throw us off?  It could also somehow be Quinn who dies, but he's not quite an important enough character for his death to have the requisite shock value.

If I had to bet, my money would be Brody not seeing the next season, but we'll just have to see in the next two weeks.

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