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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Vanity Shelfie

I was delighted to read in the Guardian about the new trend in "shelfies" - that is, photographs not of yourself, but your bookshelf.  In my case, I have so many books that it would take me most of a day nonstop to photograph all of them.  So, in the interest of both modesty and immodesty, I confined myself to photographing just shelves with books written by me - novels and nonfiction - as well as books with my stories and essays.   A selfie + shelfie = a vanity shelfie.

Even that proved too much for the cool pic stitch app I downloaded, which provides a template for at most four horizontal photos.  I have five shelves with my books.  So what you'll see below is a my vanity shelfie of 4 out of 5.  I may at some point put in a shelfie for the mysterious 5th shelf, or wait until I get another shelf or two.

If you click on the shelfie, you'll be taken directly to my Amazon book shelf, where you can buy most of the books in the shelfie - not the foreign translations on the third shelf - and Kindle editions of most of my novels and some of my nonfiction books, as well.   And, in the holiday spirit, here's a page with freebies from my fiction and nonfiction, as well as my music.   Enjoy!

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