Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Walking Dead 4.8: Vintage Fall Finale

A fabulously harrowing mid-season finale - 4.8 - of The Walking Dead tonight, with some scenes that will become celebrated vintage, including
  • the girl that Carole trained firing decisive bullets in the epic battle for the prison (including killing that stupid girl who took part in the Governor's attack)
  • Michonne putting the knife through the Governor (though I wish she had killed him right there)
  • Daryl killing the Governor's new sidekick (I liked the actor Kirk Acevedo in Fringe, but I was glad to see his character go in The Walking Dead)
  • Carl, in every scene he was in (and Daryl should have agreed to Carl's request and let Carl take a shot at the Governor - could have saved Hershel)
Hershel's death was also momentous - but I can't say it will be celebrated, because it was tragic.  Was it necessary?  I suppose so, in the sense that an horrendous death of a good person - the most moral person on the show (and perfectly acted by Scott Wilson) - was necessary to get the soul-shattering attack on the prison in motion.   Nonetheless, Hershel's death ranks among the worst events on The Walking Dead, right up there with Lori's.

Lilly gets the honor of finally killing the Governor.   But as I said above, I don't get why Michonne didn't do that.  Her motive was what?   Let the Governor go through the agony of becoming a "biter"? Ok, but the safe thing to do would have been to kill the Governor right there, if only to make sure that none of his people rescued him, and nursed him back to psycho health.

And then there's baby Judith.  I don't know, but I've always been a great believer in the principle of, if there's no body in evidence, then life is still a possibility.  It looks as if there was blood in the car seat she was in, but we don't know for a fact whose blood it is, so I'll continue hoping.

We'll find out in February.  For now, it was great to see this breath-taking conclusion to the superb Fall part of Season 4, and its spotlight on the next generation of fighters for humanity.

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