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Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Americans Season 3 Finale: Turning a Paige

Well, The Americans topped off its season three finale with a move that pitches the series in the most dangerous direction it's been so far. The trip to the Soviet Union had the reverse effect of what Elizabeth and Philip had wanted.  Paige is even more disconcerted by who her parents are. And, in a stunning last scene, she confides in that pain-in-the-a pastor.

This will leave Elizabeth and Philip with some wrenchingly painful options next season.  Obviously, they're not going to kill Paige, and would kill anyone who might try.  Certainly Philip feels this way, but I think Elizabeth does, too.   But certainly neither feels that way about the pastor, with whom they've already crosses swords, and have no love for at all.

But what would killing him do?   Paige would go ballistic if that happened.   Possibly the pastor will think that Paige is the one who's crazy and needs help - but how long will that last?  And, as always, Paige and everything she may do at home is just a stone's throw from Stan, whom she of course knows is FBI.   This a fine, insanely complicated kettle fish the narrative has landed itself and us in.

And, speaking of Stan, we still have no resolution at all about Martha.  Philip is showing qualms about killing innocent people.   But, as I've been saying ever since the bug in the pen was discovered, how can he let her live?   This situation, also of course connected to Stan, is so wrought with peril for Philip and Elizabeth, that Elizabeth may well do something about it - kill Martha - if Philip does not. But if Elizabeth does this, how will Philip react?  For that matter, how will Paige, if she catches any wind of it at home?

The Americans, always on the searing cutting edge of danger and death, always on the verge of its center of Elizabeth and Philip no longer being able to hold, has never been closer to mere anarchy loosed upon their world.  I'm very much looking forward to The Second Coming - or, in this case, the 4th season of this remarkable series.

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