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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Game of Thrones 5.9: Dragon in Action; Sickening Scene with Stannis

Well, we finally got to see a dragon in action in Game of Thrones 5.9, in a great scene with Daenerys, Mormont, Tyrion, and their people which complemented with fire what we saw with Jon Snow in the north last week.

In many ways the most interesting part of the dragon to the rescue was how vulnerable the dragon itself was to spears.   This suggests a significant lack of omnipotence, and one which may give the upper hand to the frigid death-and-dead-wielders of the north.

Another question is why only one dragon came to Daenerys's rescue, when she presumably has three at her command.  Did she only summon one, assuming that would be enough?  If so, she was right, but it was a close call.  Perhaps she wanted to risk only a single dragon, but that doesn't make much sense, either, since hers was among the lives at risk if the one dragon failed.  Perhaps only the closest dragon arrived, and the other two are on their way.  (Again, I've only read the first novel in the series, so I'm going completely by what was on television tonight.)

In any case, it was great to see Daenerys and Mormont reunited, and Mormont fighting on her behalf. Also Tyrion with a sword.  And, up north, Jon Snow and his ragged group, including the giant, being let into the protection, such as it is, of the wall.

One thing which was decidedly not nice to see, and in fact I found sickening, was Stannis's sacrifice of his daughter Shireen.   This is beyond making Stannis a thoroughly despicable and unsympathetic character, which it certainly did.  It was also depraved enough almost to make me not want to watch any more of this series, and the only reason I did, barely, was because of its redeeming features. These are no doubt many, but for what it's worth, I think the the series seriously debased itself by having Stannis put his daughter to the flame.

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