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Monday, September 7, 2015

Masters of Sex 3.9: Calling Hugh Hefner

The last two episodes of Masters of Sex have been pretty good, but there were at least two things that annoyed me.

First, in episode 3.8 last week, there's talk about not drinking if you're pregnant. This is 1966, and at least 15-20 years before that limitation became common practice.  This follows the talk, in episode 3.7, of humans and apes being almost 99% the same - another anachronism, said on the show decades ahead of its time.

But in both episodes 3.8 and 3.9, and especially last night's 3.9, I'm finding it hard to believer that Virginia is falling so hard for perfume-exec Dan Logan.  He's well enough played by The Good Wife's Josh Charles, and the weekend fling in 3.8 made some sense, but Virginia's falling in love with him in 3.9 and out of love with poor Bill doesn't add up.

Yes, she's had her frustrations with Bill, but these have been there all along, but if anything Bill recently has been far more considerate of her than he's been in the past.  Yes, his attempts at finding out what's wrong are lame, but this is also nothing new, and no reason why Virginia should suddenly be pulling away emotionally and faking orgasms with Bill.

And Dan Logan just isn't that good.  He's bright enough, and more attentive than Bill, but he's no Bill, not by a long shot.  One of the problems with Masters of Sex is that we don't know where the real history leaves off and the fiction begins.  We've been told that the narratives involving the children are all fictitious, but was Virginia really involved with this perfume guy or someone like him?  (See this little essay in Bustle, which says that Logan is indeed based on a real person - if so, then I guess the truth of history is stranger than fiction in this case.)

Virginia aptly tells Bill that Logan was his choice to bring into their work, and that she wanted Playboy's Hugh Hefner.   Him I could believe Virginia would fall for, or at least get addicted to having sex with.

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