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Monday, September 28, 2015

Masters of Sex Season 3 Finale: Cliffhanger

Masters of Sex concluded its third season with a real cliffhanger last night, almost reminiscent of the last scene at the airport with Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca.   Except Bill never quite makes it to the airport to intercept Virginia.

But the question is whether his profession of true love to her, earlier in the evening, will prevent her at the last minute from taking off in the plane with the perfume guy.   She's certainly thinking about it, looking over her shoulder, and she could well fly back from Mexico before she makes the mistake of marrying Logan.

It would certainly be a mistake, historically, because the facts of this story have Virginia not marrying the guy she had an affair with for years - an older man, presumably the basis of Logan - and in fact marrying Bill in 1971.

But that's a little in the future in our story on television, which leaves everything a bit up in the air.  As I've been saying all season, the advisory at the end explicitly says that kids' part of the narrative is fictitious, but that raises the question of what else is divergent from history in this powerful series.

If the kids are a fiction, then presumably the real Masters was never brought up on charges because of his son, but he and his wife did get divorced before he married Virginia.   The mixture of fact and fiction is an issue of every docudrama ever made, but it has been especially prominent this year in Masters of Sex.

In any case, it was a good season, if only because Bill and Virginia were so unlike their selves in earlier seasons, and, as the saying goes, if some of that is not true to history, who cares, it's still a good story.

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