Monday, April 17, 2017

24 Legacy Season 1 Finale: All About Relationships

A fine - better than fine - finale to 24 Legacy's first season tonight.  The series still has the punch of the original, and the power to move us with stories that make us care about the complex characters.   The original series as well as Legacy have been dismissed in some places as adrenalin joy rides, but there was always more to the first, and that still holds for the second.

In fact, Eric Carter at this point, after the end of the first season, has far more self-awareness than did Jack Bauer at the end of his first.  Jack developed that later.   But since Eric's wife survived this season, Eric can continue a relationship, rather than struggling to build another one, as Jack never (for one reason or another) completely did.

The truth is that relationships are always what 24 was most about.  Tony Almeida was a much better person when Michelle was alive.  In 24 Legacy, he barely manages to do the right thing - and in fact would have killed the kidnapped girl had he not received the call.  Like Jack, he may never fully recover from the loss of his truest love.

Which brings us to Senator Donovan.  He was about to withdraw from the Presidential race, to be able to devote full attention to his mourning Rebecca.  But his decision not to withdraw makes him a much more interesting character - like Jack and Tony, he will never completely get over this loss.

24 Legacy needs another season, especially given what's been going on in our real world on an intensely daily basis.   24 was never completely escapist, given that it began its run after September 11.  And now 24 Legacy is especially relevant in a very different way.

Donovan running full out for President, Eric on the job, supported by his wife Nicole.  Bring it on!

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