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Monday, February 11, 2019

True Detective 3.6: Great Conversations

One way of looking at True Detective 3.6 is that we still don't know what Hays and West did in 1990 that was so bad. And there are only two episodes left in which we can find this out - not to mention who was the killer and kidnapper, assuming the two were the same person.

But a better way of looking at True Detective 3.6 is that the conversations and the performances are so important that none of that matters.  Like the conversation between Hays and his son in the present (actually, 2015) in which Hays gives his grown and married son some sage advice for life, after Hays the elder figures out that his son is having an affair with the woman who's interviewing the older Hays for the television documentary on the murder/kidnap case.  This conversation is timeless.  And it's more than fine with me if the plot's main reason for existence is to serve as a foundation for such conversations.

But the plot's still of interest.   At this point, I'm not even clear if Julie - the girl who was kidnapped - is still alive in 2015.   As Hays and West come to realize, there are lot of people dead in this case.  Are they collateral damage, or were all or most of their deaths directly related to the case, to cover up the crime, or whatever.   And if not all or most, which of the few deaths are direct outgrowths of the crime?

We also have a lot to learn about Hays' marriage.  What caused Amelia death?  I suppose illness - but could her demise (assuming she is indeed dead) also have been some consequence of the original crime, something she was uncovering in research for her second book, something which the killer or the powerful people behind or covering up the killing didn't want the world to know?

Many questions, brilliant scenes, and just two episodes to go.  See you here next week,

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