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Sunday, January 27, 2019

True Detective 3.4: All Hat, No Answers

Not much progress in the case in any of three eras in True Detective 3.4 tonight, but there was scenic material everywhere, which made the episode good to see anyway.

As far as suspects, the best lead was the black man with the occluded eye.   Not quite clear why Hays and West didn't pursue him more doggedly.  He did deny that he killed or kidnapped anyone, but don't most killers do that?

The kid who took the boy's bike is still in custody, and he was threatened plenty by the detectives.  But Hays is sure he's innocent of this crime, and that's good enough for me.

Some suspicion and more shade was thrown on the mother of the kids.  What is she so guilty and haunted about?   She tells Amelia she has the "soul of a whore," which means, what?  She sold her kids out to some psycho?  That certainly warrants some powerful guilt.  But, then again, so could a dozen other things.

There was talk of conspiracy in the coming attractions - a conspiracy to kill and kidnap or cover it up?  Very probably the later, but you just can't tell.   At this point, I'm with West in not liking the clergy man.   At very least, he likely knows more than he's saying.

With the fourth episode in, I'd like to start seeing a few answers to these questions.  Then again, I'm the impatient type.  See you here next week.

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