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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Enemy Within 1.5: The New Mole

I like a TV series that kills off a major character or two.   It keeps the show fresh, and us its viewers on edge, which is where we want to be.   Tonight The Enemy Within did that with Anna.

And she was a major character indeed.  A mole of Tal, right in thick of the team that's out to get him.  And Keaton feels something for her.  She reminds him of Laine.  Shepherd tells him to play that card, and Keaton does.  And it works - but only because Keaton really does feel a connection to Anna.

Her parting thus leaves The Enemy Within with a pretty big hole.   Tal attempts to fill it, when he asks Keaton at the end why he thinks Anna was the only mole.  The series, after all, is entitled The Enemy Within, so it wouldn't be shocking if there was more than one mole all along.

No one jumps out at this point, though.  Kate (well played by Kelli Garner) and Daniel (well played by Raza Jaffrey) both have gone out their way to help Keaton and the team.  Especially Kate.  I suppose Daniel's distrust of Shepherd could be a signal that he's working for Tal, but I just don't think so.  And nothing seems odd about the other two.   So who's the other mole?

It wouldn't be beyond Tal to spread discord be making Keaton suspicious, for no reason.  But I don't think that's the story, either.   So, we'll just have to see.   Not having too many answers at this point in a series is a sign that it's on the right track.   It certainly makes the series true to life.   If you think about the world in which we live, outside of espionage, just reported in the news every day, The Enemy Within provides a good approximation.

See you here next week.

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Unknown said...

I am 100% going with Kate. Sheppard pointed out early in the show that she was "in love with him" and she was right there at his door the night Anna was killed. You could feel the tension. It would make perfect sense that she would be the next mole.

Paul Levinson said...

True enough, but Kate has been really pushing herself to get Tal. I'm pretty sure we've seen that when no one else was around.