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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Project Blue Book 1.9: Shiny Round Object

Well, the round shiny object in tonight's Project Blue Book - 1.9 - wasn't in the sky, or even on the ground.  It was in Barney's neck, and was evidence that he had been abducted by extra-terrestrials.

In what passes for our real world - that is, the world you and I know, off-screen - Barney Hill and his wife Betty indeed claimed they were abducted by aliens from the Zeta Reticuli star system in 1961 (our system for keeping track of time).  They confirmed their stories several years later, under hypnosis - that is, under hypnosis they recalled that they had been kidnapped by extra-terrestrials.  The government (as far as we the public know) thought otherwise - that they two had similar dreams.  Books have been written about them. Movies have been made.  And tonight it was Project Blue Book the television series' turn.

As always - so far - our intrepid team come to no conclusion they want to stand up for and shout about.  Hynek and Quinn now both clearly believe there are extra-terrestrials at work on Planet Earth.  When Hynek asks Quinn what Quinn really believes, Quinn replies that it doesn't matter what he believes.  That's good enough as an admission.  He's being paid to help keep the public from going crazy about visits from the stars.   But, at some point, I'm hoping this character has to see that such a strategy is bound to fail, if, after all, we're indeed being visited by starships.

Meanwhile, on the Russian front back at Hynek's home, Mimi is drugged, seduced, and photographed by the wily Susie, which all turns out to be prelude towards the big terrestrial shock of the evening.  I liked this earthquake. I was glad to see her husband dispatched to someplace that even the aliens presumably can't reach.  He was an unpleasant and brutal guy.

Next week, the season finale takes us to Washington DC.   It's been an odd and interesting season, and I'll tell you more about what I think about it next week.

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