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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Hightown 1.5-6: Turning Point and The Real True

I got caught up in too many events to review last week's powerful episode 1.5 of Hightown, but it's just as well, since it serves as a perfect prelude to tonight's even more powerful episode 1.6.   So I'm reviewing the both of them right here, together.

The gist of last week's episode is that Krista is killed while Jackie's on, what's new, a bender.  Her killing is brutal - via Osito with an iron to her head - after Junior sorta bungles a plan to get Krista to overdose.  I say "sorta," because it was a bit of a lame plan to begin with, requiring Junior to the stay there and watch as Krista doses herself, and of course she gets suspicious.  Ultimately, also of course, it doesn't really matter, because dead is dead, and that's what Krista is.

But it does matter, deeply and greatly, to Jackie.  She had a lot invested in investigating and helping Krista, and her death is more than enough to turn her around.  With just two more episodes left this season (after tonight's 1.6), I think it's safe to say that we won't see her drunk or stoned again this year.   My guess is she won't even take a drink.

And she's already beginning to flex her sober muscle.  Her conversation with Frankie was one of the best conversation between any two people we've seen this season.  I mean, as is the case with a lot of what Jackie does, it touched on the insane - Frankie can still have her snuffed out in an instant, and she must know that.  And so does Frankie.  But she does manage to intimate him, at least a little, and that was very good and satisfying to see.

Ray doesn't do quite so well with Osito, who keeps his cool, cracks wise, has at least one great line - I'm gonna tell you the "real true" - and walks out of the Ray's interrogation with his lawyer and barely a sweat.  But it was a good-to-see interrogation, anyway.   And it sets the story up for the next two concluding episodes of the season, in which the vice is likely to tighten around both Frankie and Osito.

My prediction: only one will survive.  Although Frankie is the logical one, I'm betting it will be Osito who sees another season.  As for Junior?  You tell me.

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