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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Hightown 1.7: Two Things

Well, there were more than two noteworthy things in tonight's next-to-last episode of the season - 1.7 - of Hightown.

But the phrase was in the best line of the episode, which had lots of good lines, as it always does.  The dialogue is one of the most enjoyable things in this fine series.   And my favorite line tonight was what the dancer says to Renee: "Men are only good for two things - money and dick".

Now that we got that out of the way, here's one of the important things in the story: Ray and Renee souring, and poor Ray is barely aware.  I'm sorry to see this, but it's almost inevitable given Ray's devotion to finding Sherry's killer(s), and how that conflicts with just loving Renee, which he also wants to do.  How can he get out of this?   Maybe if both Frankie and Osito are killed or in custody.  But I don't think that's likely to happen.

But speaking of Osito, what indeed did happen with him and Junior, after that great scene when he tells Junior to law low in Miami, and he Osito might even go to the DR for a while?  Osito looked just a tiny bit bothered when Junior said he was going to get something to eat before getting on the bus.  Did Osito think, as I did, that Junior might not get on the bus and instead call and even go see the mother of his child?

Tough to say.  But I also don't get why Junior was dead from drugs in that room (assuming he really is dead, and can't be revived).  Did he intentionally take a little of the bad dose intended for Krista?  If so, why?  Why was that preferable to going down to Miami?  Or, did Junior accidentally overdose?  Or did Osito do that to him?

Still tough to say.  I will say that I more than half expected Osito's killing of Kizzle rather than Junior.  Does that make it less likely that Osito would then kill Junior?  Yes and no.  He has motives for both - less likely to kill someone he just saved, more likely if he concluded that the man he saved was unreliable, and could lead to Osito's own death,   As I've saying for a while, Osito, played just right by Atkins Estimond, is really the pivotal character in this series.

See what I mean?  A lot more than two things.  And I'll see you here in two weeks with my review of the season finale.

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