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Monday, October 10, 2022

Quantum Leap (2022) 1.4: The Other Side

A momentous Quantum Leap 1.4 on NBC tonight, in which--

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

1. We learn what it feels like to be on the receiving end of the Quantum Leaper.  And we learn this from Magic, whose life was indeed changed in Vietnam by Sam Beckett in the original series.  He tells Ian (a great character, well played by Mason Alexander Park) that he lost all awareness and when he awoke found he had saved the life of Sam's brother Tom.  Not only that, but Magic had some slivers of memory of what Sam in his body had done, and that's what motivated Magic to restart the Quantum Leap project.  That episode back in October 1990 -- "The Leap Home, Part 2" -- was one of the best in the original series, and working it into tonight's episode 1.4 made it the best episode of the new series so far.

Would've have been nice had Christopher Kirby been able to play Magic again in the new series (even though Ernie Hudson's doing a fine job) -- and looking at his IMDb page,  Kirby's been incredibly busy -- but the story of Sam and Tom again got me thinking that we need to see Sam in this 2022 sequel.  I'm still predicting that we will, and the part will be played by Scott Bakula, despite what he's said to the contrary.

2. And, if all of that good plot stuff wasn't enough, Ben in this episode also remembers that he loves Addison.  The pace of this sequel is fast -- which makes for a taut, exciting narrative -- and one of the reasons that the new Quantum Leap just picked up the order for the closing six episodes for a full season of 18.   I'm hoping and expecting that we get some episodes tied to major public rather than essentially private life and death events.  As I said in my first review, this sequel series is off to a good start.

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