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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Dark Matter 1.7: Obama Tower

Dark Matter on Apple TV+ continues to get better and better, with episode 1.7 being once again the best episode yet.   Here's why I think why:

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

Jason 1 and Amanda finally get to a beautiful Chicago, replete with monorails, an Obama tower (which reached its full height in our reality on this side of the screen just a few days ago -- a nice feat of perfect timing for the TV series), and the soft breath of Spring.  Amanda loves it so much she wants to stay in this reality, and she invites Jason 1 to stay with her, as the two, dressed in the height of fashion, dine in a restaurant that looks like an updated Windows on the World from a World Trade Center that survived and is now in Chicago.  He's tempted but declines the offer.  He wants to go back to his family that Jason 2 has taken from him.  They part.  Amanda takes the elevator down, alone.  She starts crying, but gets out on the ground floor with a smile and a deep determination.  It's a memorable scene, tear-worthy in itself.  But it's worth noting that with the ampules Jason 1 puts in her purse without her knowledge, he has a feeling they'll be seeing each other again. 

Jason 1 goes on to another reality that he hopes will be enough like his that he can live there.  He comes close, but he finds Daniela in bed with another Jason, and Max -- a twin of Charlie who died in infancy in Jason 1's original world -- alive and with some serious problems of his own.  Jason 1 realizes this world won't work, but he finally figures out how to get to his reality, which he does.  He decides to kill Jason 2, tries to buy a gun but settles for a knife and pepper spray ...

Meanwhile, Jason 2 is being pressed by Detective Mason about what happened to Ryan.  He decides to break down the wall he had built last week around the room to alternate realities, and bring Ryan back to Jason 1's world to get Mason off his case.  He also decides to get a gun, and in a final scene that's set to change everything, of course walks into the same gun shop as Jason 1 left less than a minute before.  The gun dealer of course acts as if she's just seen him, and this lets Jason 2 know that Jason 1 has made it back to his world.

So the stage is set for the concluding two episodes of this series (which I hope will be just the first season of this compelling series): Jason 1 back in his world, finally able to get back what was stolen from him.  I have a feeling that's not quite going to happen.

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RP said...

I am pretty sure the Ryan he brought back was not the original from world 1 but from another world were he was an alcoholic. I also think that was a Third Jason at the end since neither Jason we saw previously had the mini cast on his finger. If this is the case it would take this already great story to another level I can't even begin to comprehend. I wish I waited until all episodes were out because now after doing one a day for the past week I have to wait for the rest :-(

Johnnysoup said...

There are 3 Jason's...... Look at the gun scene again the second one has the scar on nose and bad finger. Neither of the 2 had anything happen to their pinky finger....

Paul Levinson said...

RP and Johnnysoup: You're both 100% right! As was made clear in Episode 1.8, we're dealing with an infinity of Jasons, Ryans, etc.