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Saturday, June 29, 2024

Presumed Innocent 1.4: Under Fingernails

[Spoilers ahead ...]

Presumed Innocent 1.4 ended with a shocker: Rusty's DNA is found under Carolyn's fingernails.  This is obvious proof that the two were fighting ...

Of course, if we read the book or saw the 1990 movie, Rusty's DNA under Carolyn's fingernails is entirely consistent with who the real killer is, definitely not Rusty.  And since I have no idea how similar this Apple TV+ series and the 1990 movie will be, I'm keeping an open mind:  the killer could be the 1990 killer, or Rusty, or someone else entirely.

The relationship between Rusty and Raymond, his lawyer, continues be strong, and Mya on the defense team is an excellent asset.  Over on the prosecution side, Nico continues to be unflappable, but also not having 100% confidence in Tommy.  I'd like to see more focus on Tommy's character.  He actually seems to be doing a pretty good job, which makes me wonder why Nico seems so quick to disagree with him.

We also need to know more about Carolyn.  What was Tommy's relationship with her in the office? What was Raymond's relationship with Carolyn -- he after all was her boss.  Shouldn't there be more investigation of Carolyn's cases, and whether any of the people she prosecuted were now in a position to kill her?

I'm very much looking forward to seeing how this literally life-and-story, and saga of justice, unfolds.

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