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Sunday, July 7, 2024

Criminal Minds: Evolution 17.6: Gideon, Morgan, Hotch

The best part of the excellent episode 17.6 of Criminal Minds on Paramount Plus is the conversation between J. J. and Emily in Emily's apartment, both stoned.

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

Emily asks J. J. to think about everyone who has come and gone at the BAU since she and J. J. met -- "Gideon, Morgan, Hotch".   Why did she pick those three?  Well, Gideon was the first head of the unit we met, all those years ago.  Hotchner was there the longest.  And Morgan I don't think was ever head, but he was a major player.

But I wonder why Emily didn't include Spencer in her reminisce.  It would have been easy to add a fourth name.   I'm pretty sure I heard someone mention Spencer's name earlier this season, but the stoned conversation in Emily's apartment would have been a good time to say it again.

Spencer was on the show for 324 episodes, from 2005 through 2020.  Showrunner Erica Messer says scheduling conflicts kept Matthew Gray Gubler from coming back for the first season of Criminal Minds: Evolution, and this may be the case for the second season, but his desk remains, as is the possibility that he'll be back in some future episode or season (see Screen Rant for more).

With a serial killer like Voit behind bars but still very dangerous, and the big reveal at the end of 17.6 that the BAU's historic leaders may be North Star, related in some way to Gold Star, the BAU could certainly use every bit of Spencer's brain power it can get.

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