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Saturday, February 11, 2023

Criminal Minds: Evolution 16.10: Gold Star

A fine conclusion -- episode 16.10 -- to an altogether fine new season of Criminal Minds, with some questions answered and at least one other dramatically hanging.

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

First, I was partially wrong about Bailey.  I said he was becoming a good character (I was right about that) who would be welcome to see in future seasons (that's the part I was wrong about).  He was shot dead by Voit, in one of the more surprising moments of the entire season.

Voit tried to do the same to his wife, but didn't succeed because he was out of bullets.  He remains a powerful, inscrutable character, which is why I'm glad he'll be around for at least another season (Criminal Minds has been renewed).  As this season concludes, we're left with a highly intelligent serial killer, who's also ready to kill anyone who gets in his way, and is involved in some nefarious project called Gold Star.

Bailey was also involved in Gold Star, which is why Voit killed him.  And that's about all we know about it.   My best guest?  Gold Star is a government program which enlists serial killers to take out ... who?  Threats to the world?  We could use a team like that in Russia.

Otherwise, good to see J. J. and William closer together, Penelope and Luke maybe starting something (even though the flashback in an earlier episode suggested that wouldn't go anywhere), and of course I was very happy Rossi survived.

Restarting a series isn't easy, but Criminal Minds did a really good job of it, and I'll be back here for sure with reviews of Season 17, as soon as it starts.

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