Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lost: Canterbury, Decameron Tale Tonight

An unusual, almost standalone, gem of an episode of Lost tonight, which detailed the lives on the island of two new characters, Nikki and Paolo.

Actually, they weren't really new. They were on the plane and on the island with Jack, Sawyer, Kate, and all of our people all along - we just hadn't seen them before a couple of weeks ago, when they were not so subtly introduced, so any one paying any attention would know that something was coming up with them.

I won't tell you their story - except to say it was a good one, with a pretty nice twist. No need to spoil it for you if you haven't seen the episode.

And it really wasn't the main purpose of the episode, anyway.

The best delight of tonight's Lost was seeing the whole story of Lost, from the beginning, except with Nikki and Paolo now in the picture. There's Boone and Shannon arguing again in airport, Locke finding his feet on the island and looking around, Jack saying we have to work together or we won't survive - it was good to see that again! - and even a nice short new scene with Ben and Juliet from a while back, which revealed a bit of important information.

The series at its best has always had a Canterbury Tale-ish, Decameronistic quality to it, and it very much had that flavor tonight.

Even though it did not move the central story forward.

But tonight, that was no problem at all.

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