Thursday, July 3, 2008

Weeds at 4.3: Nancy by the Endless Sea

A more serious bunch of Weeds this fourth season, I think, now past Episode 3.

The most dramatic and also profound part of the plot concerns Judah's mother, hooked up to machine, in a coma, tended by Judah's father, Len, aka Albert Brooks. She mutters in Episode 2, in Yiddish, that she doesn't want to live, and this sets most of the family off on a debate as to whether to kindly put her out of her misery. Andy leads the arguments for yes, Silas is the most opposed. The Andy Ayes eventually carry the day, and appoint Nancy (of course) to the task.

Nancy shuts off the machine via turning off circuit breakers - but, miraculously, grandma keeps breathing! I was glad to see that.

Meanwhile, Nancy's being tested as a runner to Mexico, the Feds finally believe Celia that Nancy's the drug runner, and some kind of crisis is clearly brewing, but it's still a little too soon to tell what.

But I'm enjoying Nancy and her family by the sea - not to mention Len v. Andy - and looking forward to maybe even grandma now playing an active role! Intimations of immortality...

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