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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Falling Skies Second Season Finale

Falling Skies wrapped up its excellent second season on Sunday.   The last few episodes, especially, were outstanding, with these highlights -
  • the fake-out of getting to Charleston, and seemingly finding ruins, only to find a vibrant underground community of new United States
  • the fake-out after that of a misguided scholar in charge, on the path of undermining democracy and becoming a dictator of the new government
  • the surprise with the military - among its leaders and vis-a-vis the rebel skitters
On the other hand, I wasn't thrilled with the revelation of yet an additional alien at the end - it's beginning to get a little crowded in the alien species roster.

Hal being taken over by a (presumably and apparently) bad alien lizard or insert in the ear is an interesting development.  It didn't seem to hurt his father Tom, why?   Because it had been sent by a good alien, in contrast to Hal's by Karen?  Or, because it only entered Tom's eye and then left? (I can't recall - did it also go into Tom's ear?  - maybe one of them entered my brain, and that's why I can't recall.)

I also like Ann and Tom together, and Ann being pregnant, and Ben back in the fold at least for now.  All in all, a fine conclusion to a fine season, brimming with energy and possibilities.

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