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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

NCIS 10.11: Family and Bullets

A powerful NCIS 10.11 last night - in fact, the best of the season so far, and the first of a two-part story - which features my favorite character, Ziva, and her father Eli.

NCIS always does a great job with fathers - whether Gibbs', DiNozzo's, or Ziva's - but Eli, being head of Mossad, has had the most profound worldwide consequences.  Indeed, Ziva's family, her brother in particular, was the major villain in the early seasons, so it's not too much to say that the whole NCIS story to a significant degree revolves around Ziva's family.

Eli and Leon were almost killed last time the two were interacting in Washington, and this time the scythe of death cuts at them again.  Eli is here on behalf of peace - in the Middle East, as well as with his daughter - but the episode ends with a dinner at Leon's home with Eli riddled with bullets.  Fortunately for Ziva, her anger at her father lead her to stalk out of the room just before the bullets.
But nothing else was fortunate for Ziva.

Eli is killed on the spot, with Ziva not even getting the chance to tell him she loved him.  Her goal next week will be nothing but revenge, pure and deadly.

But the carnage didn't end there.  Leon, who so often has come so close to death, is unscathed by the bullets, but his wife is hit, and dies in the hospital.  We get one of the best scenes in NCIS history, with Gibbs, DiNozzo, and McGee in the hospital hall - a tableau of quiet pain and strength, the soul of NCIS.

Now in its 10th season, NCIS has not run out of the least bit of steam.  It still has the power to stun and shock, and it has started off the year with a double game changer that bears much more watching.

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