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Monday, January 28, 2013

Bones 8.13: Two for the Price of One

Bones 8.13 opens with two corpses, buried right next to each, one apparently dead of natural causes, the other of the unnatural cause of murder.

I guessed the killer - the killer being the killer of both women - pretty much as soon as I saw him.  There was something about the widower of the first woman, the one who died of natural causes, that didn't seem quite right.  Maybe it was a vibe from the actor, maybe I'm just the suspicious sort, but I had a feeling that he was in one way or another the killer of both.  Which, as the plot unfolded, it became clear that he was.

But, hard as it is to admit,  I wasn't much on target when it came to something else.  When Sweets and Daisy broke up - when Sweets left her at the altar - I said I was glad to see that happen.  I didn't think they were that good a couple, mainly because I thought Daisy was a moderately irritating character, my least favorite of the interns.

But I was wrong - on all of those accounts.  Seeing Daisy back on the scene, and talking to Sweets, it's now clear to me that the two were and would again be a good couple.  Cam's analogy at the end, that when things that die are brought back to life they are never as good as they originally were, and Daisy should know this as a scientist, I think does not apply.  Love isn't science.  So now, completely reversing myself, I'm hoping that Sweets and Daisy do finally get back together.   This likely won't happen - but who knows.

In a sense, Sweets and Daisy may have become the new Booth and Bones - really loving each other, but breaking up and not seeming to know how to get back together.   We'll see ....

But, speaking of Booth and Bones, we had another good ending, with Booth recording a video will in which he invests much of himself and all of his love for Bones.  Hey, if they at last got together, certainly Sweet and Daisy can do it, too.

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