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Monday, January 21, 2013

Bones 8.12: Face of Enigmatic Evil

As much as I enjoy the dancing, comedy, flirtation, and intellectual puzzles in Bones, it's always good to see the team beset by a good old-fashioned psycho genius.   Zack Addy is still the quintessential best example of this - what more could you ask for, the beloved Bones intern in this role - but Pelant in his own way is fairly horrendously remarkable.  He has almost none of Zack's charm, is hated not beloved by the team, and is relentless.  In other words, he's just undilutedly evil.  And he's back in 8.12.

Even Bones admits he frightens her.  He begins his return by drugging Hodgins and Angela, putting crocus petals in their baby's crib, and a skinned corpse in their ceiling.   Everyone is motivated, but Hodgins in particular has a special edge to obliterate this guy.

And indeed this fast-moving kick-in-the-plexus episode revolves more around Hodgins than anyone else.   He resists Cam's well-meaning but not necessarily correct guidance in one of the best displays of anger this year, does a painful biopsy on his lung (and Angela's, who volunteers) to discover the gas that drugged them, which points to the place that Pelant acquired the gas, and all of this leads to an ending that gives Hodgins a punishing choice.

Before that, Booth almost takes out Pelant with a sharp shot, but Pelant escapes and initiates his final gambit of the night: a drone plane on course to take out a schoolhouse of girls in Afghanistan.  Angela can use her computer skills to maybe deflect or self-destroy to the drone, but Pelant has also set loose a program to drain every cent of Hodgins' mega-rich funds.   If Angela destroys the drone, Hodgins' (and her) fortune will be gone.  Hodgins thinks a split second and of course opts to save the girls.   The right decision, for sure, and Hodgins still has the bigger fortune of Angela.  But welcome, Hodgins, to the 99% and the low end of it at that.

This Bones also had some fun peripheral stuff, including Hodgins hauling out of mothballs two old Enigma cipher machines to communicate in a way impervious to Pelant's masterful cracking.  (They must have cost Hodgins a pretty penny he no longer has.)   But most of all this episode was a refreshingly bracing reminder that beneath the fun and games there lurks a very dark and deadly grit to Bones.  Good thing to keep in mind, because Pelant, face disfigured by Booth's bullet as we see at the end, will no doubt return, even angrier and uglier than he was tonight.

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